JAZZ (RedMark’s Razz-A-Ma-Jazz SH) In the field Jazz is FAST, birdy, and an excellent marker; she is strong in the water and very, very intense.  In spite of her intensity and drive in the field, she has a calm, laid back temperament and makes an excellent house dog.  Jazz is affectionate and attentive to anyone who will pay attention to her.  This makes her extremely popular at our nursing home visits.  Her sweet disposition makes her the perfect house dog and companion.  Jazz’s pedigree is outstanding, loaded with FC’s, AFC, Outstanding Sires and Outstanding Dams.
Performance Retrievers Bred to Hunt
JAVA (RedMark’s Expresso Express) is our Shih-Tzu who keeps all the goldens in check.  Java thinks bumpers and retrieving is just as much for Shih-tzus as it is for goldens.  This year she’s learning to swim so at not to let any Golden outshine her.  Maybe someday they’ll let Shit-tzus run hunt tests, until then Java will just have to keep her training up.
Our Girls
EMBER (RedMark’s Keep the Fire Burning CGC, CGCA, TKI, JH) is a puppy resulting from breeding our Diesel to our Jazz.  Ember inherits a deep mahogany red coat from the sire Diesel and a strong work ethic from Jazz.  Strong and fast in the field, she is an excellent marker with lots of perseverance.  Ember is also quite involved with the Great Lakes Search and Rescue Team as a Human Remains Dectection (HRD) dog.
TAYLOR  (RedMark’s Tailor Made CGCA, JH)  bred from our Diesel to our Lexi is another deep red girl with lots of go and intellegence.  Weighing in at about 60 lbs, she is very vast and nimble never tiring of chasing a ball in the backyard or chasing a pheasant in the field.
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Our Girls