Performance Retrievers Bred to Hunt
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Date of Birth: July 16, 2014 Registration Number: SR83928703 CERF: GR-EYE14800/19M-VPI (3/16, A3, E1) Hips: OFA GR-121981G44M-VPI Elbows: OFA GR-EL41631M44-VPI Cardiac: OFA GR-CA33021/44M/P-VPI NCL Clear GR-CL5-791/55M-P PRA-PRCD: Clear by parentage PRA1: Clear by parentage Ichthyosis: Optigen 16-2369 Clear
Owned, trained and champaigned by Dan Feisthammel, Gus is a wonderful family dog that is intellgent, hard-working and truly dedicated to please his master with everything he does in the field.  Gus weighs in at a lean, muscular 68 pounds of go, with a medium dark, wavy medium length coat that just begs to be petted.  Gus has always been very receptive and eager to train, taking direction from his owner, but can be handled by strangers as well.  His love for water is obvious and when you see the incredibly enthusiatic water entry he has, you almost feel like applauding.  Watching Gus perform is a sight to behold, but the true beauty in Gus is his on  and off switch, from 0 to 100 and back to 0 again without batting an eye.  Between Gus’s siblings and his offspring, his family tree can be seen in many different perfirmance venues ranging from hunt tests to field trials to obedience, agility, rally, tracking, doc diving, shed hunting, tricks therapy dog, search and rescue and more.
RedMark’s Keep the Fire Burning (Ember) JH, CGCA, TKI Date of Birth: July 21, 2014 Registration Number: SR83592602 Hips: OFA GR-124973G55F-VPI Elbows: OFA EL44565F55-VPI Cardiac: OFA GR-ACA3777/55F-VPI NCL Clear GR-CL5-1378/55F-PI PRA-PRCD: Normal (Clear) PRA1: Normal (Clear) PRA2: Normal (Clear) Ichthyosis: Normal (Clear)
Ember boasts an excellent pedigree with numerous field trial and hunt test titles throughout.  She has a dark, deep red coat and weighs between 55 and 60 pounds which contributes to her speed in the field and her ease of blending in with the household.  While she started her training with the intent of being a hunt test competitor, her focus has shifted to being a Human Remains Detection (HRD) canine involved with the Great Lakes Search and Rescue team here in Wisconsin.  We like to describe Ember as an “all purpose” dog comfortable in the field, in the obedience ring or just being a loyal companion around the house.
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Due Date March 13, 2021 Note: all puppies of this litter are spoken for. We anticipate our next litter in the Fall of 2021.
HRCH UH Lilhammer's Ceasar The Golden Ticket (Gus) MH, CCA