Performance Retrievers Bred to Hunt
CHELSEA (Mioak’s Chelsea MH WCX), introduced us to the “World of Goldens”.  How lucky we were to be blessed with this incredible dog.  We were looking for just a hunting dog and ended up with so much more.  Being not only our first Golden, but also the first dog we self trained to be competitive in hunt tests.  The fact that she became a Master Hunter at a relatively young age is not a tribute to our training skills but rather a testament to her intelligence, drive and desire to please.
ASPEN (Mioak’s Aspen Autumn Gold CDX MH WCX OD), our red bullet, came into our lives shortly after Chelsea got us interested in training for field work.  Diane, main bird thrower up until this time, decided she needed her own dog so that she could also enjoy the success we were experiencing. Aspen became our foundation bitch, as we were eager to perpetuate her excellent marking ability and great obedience skills.  She was also loved by the many people she met doing therapy work.  The successes of Aspens’ offspring resulted in her becoming an AKC Outstanding Dam.  
TORY (Redmark’s Torrid Texas Rondeveous MH WCX)
This video of Tory (with the white face) taken at a vew months short of his 17th birthday says it all.
GALEN (RedMark’s Galloping Galen SH) was our first home born golden puppy resulting from a breeding between our Aspen and FC/AFC Glenhaven HTRS MN Baronet MH FDHF OS.  After achieving her Senior title, Galen put all her efforts into twice monthly nursing home visits.  Her sweet personality made her the center of attention of many of these visits.  While exhibiting a loving personality, she remained a hard driving hunting companion with many South Dakota pheasants to her credit.  She retired at the age of 12 and lived a fulllfilling life until nearly 16 years of age.
STORM (RedMark’s Red Storm Rising SH WC) was also an Aspen puppy whose sire is AFC Caymans Rum Point Red OS FDHF.  Storm was a very dark red golden, much like her mother, an excellent marking dog, much like the sire, and a wonderful house dog.  Storm also accompanied us on many pheasant and duck hunting trips and had an uncanny ability to find pheasants in fields recently hunted by others.  Storm also retired at 12 years old and continued being a wonderful house companion until almost 15 years old.
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RIVER (RedMark’s River Runs Through It SH WCX) is another Aspen puppy resulting from a breeding to Mioak's Keepin' the Faith **.  She has an inquiring expression, is very dark red, an excellent marker and runs blinds with some of the straightest lines of all our dogs.  River is Rich’s “go- to-dog” when heading to South Dakota for pheasants or North Dakota for ducks.  Although we don’t campaign her in obedience, she regularly participates in obedience classes and fun matches where she works exceptionally well.
LEXI (RedMark’s Sexy Lexi JH, CGCA, TKI) was our pick puppy from the Storm-Sky litter.  Loves to retrieve and is extremely fast.  She has great focus, immediately sitting in the field and looking out for her gunners. 
DICKENS (RedMark’s Best of Times MH, CGC, TKA)  Born in October of 2010, Dickens has been a real joy to train.  Show this guy what to do once and he pretty much has it down pat.  He’s a fast learner, loves the water and is a compulsive retriever.  He’s also somewhat of a clown and keeps us laughing on dull evenings in the house.
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